No matter where you live, there are several options for gym memberships.  Each gym has it’s own pros and cons, different prices, and perks to go along with your membership.  It would be helpful for readers to read an article about Lifetime Fitness before joining.

First, I must say I absolutely love this gym.  They offer varying levels of membership.  Gold, Platinum, Onyx are options to choose from.  Different clubs have different designations (Onyx is the most pricey of all).  In the Chicago area, only one location – Vernon Hills – is considered an Onyx location.

This club is decked out to the max.  It appears more like a resort than an actual gym!  There is actually an indoor soccer field on the third level.

All of the other locations look relatively the same, with slight modifications.  There is plenty high quality equipment to use.  The club features a full-service spa, a LifeCafe, and plenty of classes to take for members.

Elegantly designed, the club attracts a family type atmosphere.  The members of the club are respectful, and for the most part, very pleasant to be around!  This is a definite advantage to choosing a LifeTime fitness membership.

I can’t think of many cons to a LifeTime membership, except for the price tag.  A monthly membership at a Platinum Club can run $60+ per person.  I haven’t researched family membership prices, but it is probably more expensive than the average gym.

Of course, you get what you pay for.  LifeTime is a great club, with great people.  If you’re gym shopping, check them out at: